We have a range of rescue training dummies available. Request a quote with your requirements for pricing.

Custom Made Dummies

We are currently working on a lightweight floating dummy for man overboard and we have a heavy dummy for powerline use. For any of your specialised requirements contact us.

Electrical Rescue Training

The Adult dummy has been customised with hooks at the hands so that the dummy can ‘grip’ power lines to assist in electrical rescue training.

Load Testing Dummy

The Adult dummy has been fitted with a vest which is designed to hold the desired number of lead ingots. This allows the dummy to be placed within the lifting apparatus at a lighter weight and then the additional weight added to conduct the test. This feature reduces the risk to injury whilst positioning the dummy.

Child / Infant Dummy

Child / Infant dummies test personnel’s manual handling techniques on a smaller frame. This provides trainers with the flexibility to more thoroughly test crews search techniques and challenge crews to consider the realities of rescuing a child or infant during a real incident.

The child dummy is a smaller version of the adult dummy whilst the infant is essentially an outline.

The Child rescue dummy has the same functionality as the adult rescue dummy. The child dummy has a nominal weight of 25 kg.

The infant dummy is an outline of the infant.

Adult Dummy

The Adult Rescue Dummy is provides a realistic ‘casualty’ for a variety of training scenarios. The unique design allows for movement of the dummy, bending at the waist and knees. A distinct chin and nose allows for the fitting of neck braces and oxygen therapy masks.

The dummy is manufactured from a fire retardant PVC material filled to required weight with a combination of recycled shredded rubber, foam and lead ingots. The dummy is available in a variety of colours.

Adult Dummy

Height: 180cm

Nominal Weight: 40-45 Kg


  • Bends at the knees and waist
  • Allows for the fitting of a stiffneck brace
  • Shoulder Straps for ease of positioning
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Overboots to protect the main wear area of the dummy’s heals
  • can be made to custom weight


Images of our Rescue Dummies:

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