is an Australian owned and operated family business that specialises in Rescue Training Dummies. You can Request a Quote – by Clicking Here

Our Rescue Dummies are used for:

  • Fire Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Road Crash Rescue
  • Mines Rescue
  • Manual Handling
  • First Aid

Alternatively we can make a dummy to your specific requirements

Car Rescue

We have rescue training dummies in a number of sizes, including child sized dummies and adult rescue dummies. We can provide you with dummies of custom weight and dimensions.

You can see examples of our dummies here

The Adult Rescue Dummy is provides a realistic ‘casualty’ for a variety of training scenarios. The unique design allows for movement of the dummy, bending at the waist and knees. A distinct chin and nose allows for the fitting of neck braces and oxygen therapy masks.

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Why Us? dummies have been developed through trial and error over a number of years in consultation with safety training organisations and emergency services.

The current design allows for the training use of a multitude of first aid and rescue equipment. is operated by current career firefighters who have first hand experience training with these dummies. dummies are currently in use with:

  • WA Fire and Rescue Service
  • QLD Fire and Rescue Service
  • Air Services Australia
  • State Emergency Service
  • Various Training Organisations
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Question: What are the dummies made of?

Answer: PVC outer and filled with recycled shredded rubber and high density foam. If the dummy is required to be heavier then lead ingots used.

Question: Are the dummies flexible?

Answer: All dummies bend at the knees and waist.

Question: Are the dummies flame resistant?

Answer: The outer material is listed as flame resistant but like all oil based products it will be susceptible to flame. Our recommendation is to fit a firefighters tunic!

Question: How long for dummy manufacture?

Answer: If not in current stock allow two weeks for manufacture.

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